A screenshot from Alan Wake II - A woman shines a flashlight into a wooden shed
Screenshot via Remedy Games

Good Trouble's Good Picks - November 2023

Harris Foster
Harris Foster

Feel that chill in the air? The tingle on the tip of your nose? No, it's not the autumnal breeze, nor is it the spirit of the holidays. That magical feeling comes from the blog post you've all been waiting for: The Good Trouble Staff Picks of November 2023.

Each month we ask our team to share the stuff they've been playing, watching, and doing to help inspire your media habits. For our very first installment, the Good Trouble team recommends three excellent video games for your enjoyment:

Arman's Pick - Baldur's Gate 3

A Baldur's Gate 3 screenshot depicting a top-down view of a canyon scene
Screenshot via IGN

For months, I've been the mayor of Act-I in Baldur's Gate 3. After having a blast with my first Warlock character full playthrough, I've been experimenting with different builds, and can honestly say that Larian Studios has achieved something monumental with this game. A big draw of D&D for me is experimenting with funny or weird solutions, and this BG3 absolutely delivers in that sense. As for the builds, well, currently I'm trying out a Giant Summoner who throws Mephits and barrels. It's pure chaos. - Arman Nobari, CEO

Harris' Pick - Alan Wake II

An image taken from an Alan Wake II cutscene, a live-action scene featuring Alan Wake sitting in the guest chair on a talk show with a confused expression on his face
Screenshot via Sports Illustrated

Alan Wake II is the most mesmerizing single-player game I’ve played in a long, long time. The twilight atmosphere of Alan Wake II practically necessitates that the game is only to be played after the sun has set, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking about it every moment of the day, dwelling on plot theories and the true nature of its characters during my coffee breaks. For a sequel to a game I originally dismissed back in 2010, Alan Wake II has taken my breath away and has shot Remedy to the top of my “favorite developers” list. - Harris Foster, Director of Communications

Mike's Pick - Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Two knights from Kingdom Come: Deliverance battling on a drawbridge
Screenshot via WayTooManyGames

I've been trying to work my way through my backlog finally, so I've finally been getting around to finishing Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The level of immersion in that game is unparalleled, especially on Hardcore mode, where fast travel is disabled, your map doesn't show you where you are, and your compass doesn't show any icons or cardinal directions, but the game is built to be entirely and comfortably playable without those features. Quests and NPCs give diegetic directions to where you need to go, and being able to piece together where you are on the map via landmarks is so satisfying (as well as memorizing routes between cities!) - Mike Rea, Gameplay Engineer

Those are our picks for November 2023, but what have you been playing? We'd love to hear what you've been enjoying - hit us up on Twitter (X?) or Bluesky and let us know!