Good Trouble's Good Picks - December 2023
Image via Rockstar

Good Trouble's Good Picks - December 2023

Arman Nobari
Arman Nobari

Hey you! Put down the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer and gather round, we're going to tell you all ab-

Hey no, over here. As I was saying, December's the time for-

You... you're watching the trailer again, aren't you?

Just give me like five minutes, please. Each month we ask our team to share the stuff they've been playing, watching, and doing to help inspire your media habits. We're just going to drop these recommendations here, and if you find that the GTA trailer no longer holds your attention, you can also give one of these things a look.

Cool? Cool. Here we go.

Arman's Pick - Wildfrost (And more Baldur's Gate 3)

A Baldur's Gate 3 screenshot depicting a top-down view of a canyon scene
Screenshot via Deadpan Games

I've jumped back into Wildfrost (by Deadpan Games + Gaziter, pub Chucklefish) recently, and have been having a blast. The art style is so good, and I really like all the different ways to customize your cards. Just a ton of fun, and so much personality packed into the game. With the weather getting colder, it's a fitting addition.

I've also been watching my partner's Baldur's Gate 3 playthrough, and I am fundamentally stunned with how much I didn't experience in all my playthroughs! It's like seeing an entirely new game based. Entire voiced characters and questlines I.. uh.. blasted right past. With Larian Studios dropping a festive update just one week ago, I might need to jump back in and pay ol' Withers a visit. What a triumph of a game. Arman Nobari - CEO

Anthony's Pick - Loki

An image taken from an Alan Wake II cutscene, a live-action scene featuring Alan Wake sitting in the guest chair on a talk show with a confused expression on his face
Screenshot via Disney

[My partner and I] finally finished Loki Season 2 over here and HOLY MOLY is it some of the best TV that MCU has produced yet (in our humble opinion).  It has great writing, even better acting, and is a great follow-up to Loki Season 1. Any non-Marvel fans could easily watch just the Loki series and have a great time (Wink-Wink, Nudge-Nudge to Arman) - Anthony Gibson, COO

Joel's Pick - Revive

Two knights from Kingdom Come: Deliverance battling on a drawbridge
Screenshot via BoardGameGeek

I’ve been playing a lot of the tabletop game “Revive”. It’s a deep strategy game about humanity emerging from our underground bunkers after an apocalypse and rebuilding our world.  I love that the world is a little weird and surreal, and the strategy has a great balance between exploration, advancing on the tech tracks (the cool machine board), and rebuilding. There is a enough player interaction to matter without feeling mean or having to always race to get resources or board spots, and that really reinforces the “competitive cooperation” of the theme. There’s also a five-game mini-campaign that introduces some of extra rules and the more complicated faction abilities slowly, it’s optional but I really enjoyed it. - Joel Davis, Lead Programmer

Bonus Picks:
Bloodhounds (TV Series) & Mare of Easttown (TV Series) - Sam Yip, Art Director
Scott Pilgrim Takes Off (TV Series) - Harris Foster, Communications Director

Those are our picks for December 2023, but what have you been playing? We'd love to hear what you've been enjoying - hit us up on Twitter (X?) or Bluesky and let us know!