A team of cat-chefs standing over a perfectly cooked rotisserie chicken - a screenshot from Monster Hunter World
We feastin'

The Best Food in Video Games

Arman Nobari
Arman Nobari

It’s Thanksgiving week here in the United States, so while we here at Good Trouble will be out of office this week celebrating the holiday, we’re dropping by with a quick blog post before we head out.Food. It’s the best part of Thanksgiving, really. Sure there’s Black Friday deals and nice fuzzy sweaters, but nothing is better than a heavy plate of holiday flavors to help numb away the pain that comes from having to hear your uncle talk about what he heard on the news that morning.With meals on the mind, let’s take a look at three incredible instances of food in video games. Hope you’re hungry.

A bruised man violently taking a bite out of a fluffy piece of bread - a screenshot from Yakuza: Like a Dragon

The Bread from Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Locked away behind bars, Yakuza: Like a Dragon’s protagonist Ichiban Kasuga finds himself without autonomy. With no control over his future, there are few joys to be experienced as he begins his eighteen year sentence. But one thing stands out as a bright symbol of hope: The delicious, fluffy bread.The bread only makes a single appearance for a few seconds during an early cutscene, but its legacy is much more than merely being a delicious-looking dinner roll. A simple Twitter (“X”) search will reveal hundreds upon hundreds of posts praising the roll for looking extra appetizing, with observations ranging from “I’d eat that” to “This bread is a marvel of modern digital animation”

Behold the Yakuza Bread. Take in its majesty. Dream of the fluffy loaf.

Pixel art of an adventurer discovering a chicken embedded behind the bricks of a castle wall - A screenshot from Castlevania

Wall Chicken from Castlevania

Castlevania’s Wall Chicken is less about the meal itself and more about the context of everything around it.

Picture this: You’re a weary adventurer, days into an expedition into Dracula’s castle. You’ve fought off blood-thirsty bats, reanimated skeletons, and like… a legally dubious giant Frankenstein Monster. You’re tired, you’re injured, but more than all else, you’re hungry.Now what if I told you that all of your problems could be solved by keeping an eye out for a crack in the wall? That’s right. By staying vigilant, you could uncover a delicious piping hot chicken dinner right under your nose. Could you imagine how GOOD that would taste in that moment? Sure the origin of the chicken is reason for concern, but you’re miles deep into a treacherous mansion. Count your blessings, pal.

Cheers to you, Wall Chicken.

An adventurer appreciating a rotisserie chicken leg, sitting at a table laid with a beautifully cooked feast - a screenshot from Monster Hunter World

Literally Everything from Monster Hunter World

Ever since its initial release in 2016, Monster Hunter World’s Palicoes have reigned supreme as the top chefs of the video game world. The source of their acclaim comes less from the taste of the food itself and more from the care they put into each dish. Every single meal in Monster Hunter World is preceded by a beautifully animated montage as the food is seasoned, cooked and finally served to the player. This might be the kind of thing that would get old hundreds of hours into this RPG, but it’s generally accepted that these scenes are so delightful that they deserve to be watched time and again.

Monster Hunter World’s cooking scenes are so popular that compilations of these scene have amassed millions of views on Youtube and even inspired popular content-creator chefs like Babish and ChefPK to create their own takes on the game’s signature dishes.