The logos for Balatro, Captain Sonar, and Helldivers 2 are displayed above a dark holographic background.
What Good Trouble is playing in March 2023: Balatro, Captain Sonar, and Helldivers 2

Good Trouble’s Good Picks - March 2024

Arman Nobari
Arman Nobari

Aside from jamming on our own game, we've been burning the midnight oil on some absolute gems recently!

It’s time for another installment of Good Trouble’s Good Picks!

Arman’s Pick: Balatro + The Finals

Logo for the Balatoro game engulfed in red and blue pixelated flames, and a set of "joker cards"
Image via the official Balatro Press Pack

I've been playing a ton of Balatro lately. It's such a well designed game that slowly descends into Joker-madness the more you lean into the mechanics. It has a super addicting core loop, and even though I was crushed at losing my first full run by a mere 100 chips, I will undoubtedly give it another go to try and beat the House again.

I've also been playing a ton of The Finals. Rampant destruction really changes the game, and it feels like a totally new genre compared to other shooters. The meta-story about what is going on in the world outside the arena is interesting too. I've been grappling-hooked since day-1. Funny enough, just a few days ago me and Anthony had an absolutely triumphant match, where we stole a win with a mere 1 second to spare! Dream team.

Arman Nobari - CEO

Mike’s Pick: Captain Sonar

Logo for Captain Sonar board game, with an illustrated background that appears to be inside of a submarine command station.
Image via Polygon

I recently finally got to play Captain Sonar! It's a 6-8 player, two team board game. Imagine real-time, advanced Battleship, where each player has a unique role with unique powers and responsibilities, and you actively need to listen to what the other team is doing. It seems complicated at first, but it clicks for people pretty quickly. My team annihilated the opposing submarine.

We took zero damage the whole game, and only missed one shot. My favorite part is we'd never met each other, this was at an IGDA event, but we quickly got coordinated and ran our sub smooth like butter (underwater butter?)

Mike Rea - Gameplay Engineer

Anthony’s Pick: Helldivers 2

The Helldivers 2 logo displayed above a squad of Helldivers stand on a cliff, overlooking a desert scene
Image via Playstation Blog

I’ve been hooked on Helldivers 2 ever since it dropped. I was a fan of the original game, and was stoked to see the sequel drop to so much fanfare. Helldivers 2 has a totally fresh take on the squad-based shooter, while keeping things pretty simple Your missions are simple: drop-in in with small squads of teammates to annihilate rouge robots and gross aliens. The result of that is anything but predictable and usually involves a few close calls!

A lot of other players have noted that it feels almost like some Super Troopers variation made into a game: with a unique mix of comedic relief and obnoxious gameplay moments that you will absolutely want to share on social (maybe you’ve seen a few videos already). Those clips do not lie, this game is an incredibly fresh take on the shooter genre, especially with friend!

Anthony Gibson - COO

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